World Batteries

How does the world live without batteries?

How do batteries work and what are batteries for?

From medical uses to toys and from bombs to things that saves lives, batteries are in our world and better us in many ways.

I’m not quite sure how I’ll talk about batteries forever, but it shouldn’t be too hard since batteries are everywhere.

I’m thankful for the batteries my grandfather (in his 90s) has in his hearing aide.

I’m sure he’s thankful he can turn them off.

The small batteries that are running the computer I’m typing on and the nifty ones that keep my wireless mouse running.

If there is a technology that we couldn’t live without…perhaps it should be our batteries!

Think about it.

Cars, planes, phones, tv’s (portable) radios, flashlights, boats, bombs, cars..yes…cars…again, dog collars, elephant probes, fancy flower lights, gameboys, hair curlers, hair removers, Innotabs, juicers, Kindle, Lamps, Light Brite, Money Counters, Motorcycles, Nintendo, Nail Dryers and Nail Sanding Machines, Optimist Phone, Ohms (for the nerds out there), Octopus Toys, Office Fan, Pencil Sharpeners, Play Station, Question Games,  Radio, Remote, Robot, Smartphones, Stereo, Station Wagons, Television, Town Emergency Lights and Sirens, Trucks, Trains, Uno  Flash,  Utensils that use batteries (like a can opener), Vans, Vibrators, Vacuum Cleaners, Windshield wipers, Wind Machines, Windmills, X-ray machines, Xbox,  Yo-yos, Yamaha devices, Zenith  products, Zelda hand held games, Zebra tagger.


See what I did  there?  Everything uses batteries. You can come up with almost everything and find a way that it uses batteries..even Zebras.