Batteries for life…your whole entire life.

This post was going to talk about things you dont’ need batteries for and then I had an epiphany of all the things batteries are used for…for your who life!

It is so annoying to me #1 that everything seems to take batteries anymore.

Maybe it’s just me.  You know…I’m a parent now though so finding out how important having good batteries on hand and almost on demand is essential

You hear me out there other parents?

You know what I’m talking about!

From age (still in the womb) zero to age 60, batteries become essential.

I have no idea how I lost sight of this while in college but damn….batteries are totally important! is age zero relevant?

Can you say mp3, Walkman’s, phones…whatever else.  Think about being pregnant and what you wanted that took batteries.

The most prominent is the phone.  You have to have that on you. Imagine going into labor and your phone battery is dead.  Yikes.  So suck.

How about a back massager?  Granted the battery operated ones aren’t nearly as good as the plug in massagers, they do hold their weight in gold when you just HAVE to have a massager in the car or wherever you are when your back goes into a spasm while you’re fat as anything ready to pop from having a large fetus inside of you.

So …what else for age zero?  Headphones and music machines to play to them in the womb?

When they come out?  Whats the first battery operated thingy that the kids needs?

Some people use those little lambs with the sounds of the ocean or a heartbeat or someone breathing (kind of creepy but it works).

Mobiles for the crib, remotes for the mobiles and so much more.

Baby monitors….I can go on and on.

It seems when you have kids, you better have batteries so people have it wrong.

When they are sitting around asking themselves: “What do I get my friend for her baby shower?”

They shouldn’t be thinking about diapers.   They should be thinking about BATTERIES.

The uses for them is NEVERENDING and they run out so fast (especially if you have TWO kids!).

Batteries, batteries batteries!

Yes.   Even my 90 year old grandfather uses them.  Can you say hearing aide?


Automatic soup stirrer?

Yeah…gotta love batteries.