Kids toys and batteries

Did you even notice how many kids toys out there take batteries?

After several years of using batteries with well over two kids, I’ve realized that buying those cheap batteries is NOT a good idea.

You know what I mean?

You start out thinking they will be just fine so you get the big jumbo pack of batteries and you take it home.

Then about a month or less later, you are looking around for that stupid small headed screwdriver that you used last time to fix the annoying music toy that your one year old keeps using.

Meanwhile, your four year old kid wants to know why her computer games doesn’t work and you know why.

Last week when the tv remote was acting goofy, you “borrowed” the double A’s.

But alas…your torment did not end there because now you have a crying 4 year old who won’t leaver you alone while you cook your family dinner.

You take out those cheap batteries that you bought and “fix” both of the toys.

All is good.

Or so you thought.

But now here you go again about another month later.

Yup…it was those great batteries…not lasting.

How can a battery be so different?

I literally own a Jem doll from the 1980’s and I was astounded to see that the batteries were still working after being dormant for over 15 years, we got the dolls out for my girls.

That Jem doll still lit up.

It’s almost scary.

To top it off, my daughter left it on one night and it STILL is going strong.

Now that is a battery of awesomeness.

For my other toys….it’s totally my fault and those bargain batteries have taught me a lesson.

I haven’t had a chance to try out the newest of new batteries but I do know that the non cheapo’s last longer.

So there you have it.

Get yourself some good batteries so you don’t have to continually visit the chiropractor from bending over and changing the toys all the time.

It’s a killer and totally annoying.

Trust me.